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  • A Premier League package could attract more UK users to Prime

    Amazon shares ended the US Thursday trading day higher, amid speculation the tech giant is planning to bid for the streaming rights of UK premier league football. A number of reports on the topic have appeared across the media in recent days. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Could crypto-currencies feature on Facebook?

    Facebook shares closed lower Thursday in the US, after the social media’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, declared his 2018 New Years resolution was to ‘fix’ Facebook. This is Zuckerberg’s 10th annual challenge he has announced on his site. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Apple announces record App store sales on New Years Day

    Tech giant Apple has said that all Mac and IOS products are affected by the chip flaw that has been reported in recent days. Apple shares ended the US Thursday trading session higher amid news of record App store sales on New Years day. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Google, Amazon and Microsoft all developing fixes

    Intel shares opened lower Thursday as the revelation its products are among the chips with potential security-related flaws, has tech giants ensuring the right fixes are available read » 2 weeks ago
  • Pair to further develop self-driving car tech

    Blackberry shares rose Wednesday, following an announcement from the tech firm that it has signed an agreement with Chinese web firm Baidu, to develop new technology for the autonomous car industry. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Analyst suggests Amazon could purchase Target

    Amazon shares moved higher in Tuesday trade in the US session, boosted by further details highlighting a successful 2017 for the tech giant. The global retailer reported it had made over 5 billion deliveries to Prime members alone, last year. read » 2 weeks ago
  • Move suggests continued lack of agreement

    Signalling a failure to reach a suitable agreement, Google has rescinded access of YouTube on Amazon’s Fire TV, ahead of the previously agreed date of January 1st. Amazon shares closed higher Thursday, while Google shares ended lower. read » 3 weeks ago
  • Analysts see room for further stock price upside

    Netflix shares ended the US trading day lower Wednesday. However, while the FANG stock member may be considered by some, to be the most vulnerable of the group, analysts remain generally positive on the stock - and with good reason. read » 3 weeks ago
  • Over 4 million new Prime members in a single week

    Amazon shares ended the Tuesday US trading session higher, after the global online tech giant announced it had experienced its strongest holiday sales period yet. Amazon shared the news that over four million users had signed up from Prime membership in a single week. In addition, the Echo Dot was the number one Amazon device of the 2017 holiday sales period. read » 3 weeks ago
  • Apple facing lawsuits over admission its slows some iPhone models down

    Apple shares ended the US Tuesday trading session lower, on widespread reports that demand for the iPhoneX has begun to slow more quickly than previously anticipated. There are also suggestions that Apple could reduce its own sales forecast for the phone. read » 3 weeks ago
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